Effortless Crypto-to-Crypto OTC Trading Platform With Zero Market Impact

Discover the ultimate solution for anonymous crypto-to-crypto OTC trading. Our platform integrates both centralized and decentralized exchanges, ensuring a seamless trading experience without affecting market prices. Place your trade request and enjoy unmatched security and privacy. Join now and revolutionize your digital asset trading experience.

The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments

Welcome to our high-volume Anonymous Crypto OTC Market, where we facilitate seamless crypto-to-crypto transactions daily.Experience unmatched efficiency and privacy in a secure trading environment.

a. Seamless Integration: Our platform unifies centralized and decentralized exchanges, providing an effortless trading experience without impacting market prices.

b. Anonymity and Security: We prioritize your privacy and security, offering a discreet and encrypted trading platform for all crypto-to-crypto transactions.

c. Huge Daily Trading Volume: Our platform connects to over 50 verified exchange accounts and has a capability of doing up to 20000BTC daily trading volume.

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Low Commissions

Leveraging the latest advancements in automated trading technology, we proudly offer both buyers and sellers unbeatably low commissions for high-volume transactions, maximizing your profits and enhancing your trading experience.

Market Anonymity

Our Crypto-to-Crypto Anonymous Market prioritizes user anonymity, ensuring that your transactions and trading activities remain confidential and secure.

Seamless Integration

Discover seamless integration that effortlessly connects you to multiple exchanges, offering endless possibilities, unparalleled liquidity, and a user-friendly experience for ultimate trading success.

Efficient Algo Trading

Our sophisticated trading algorithms distribute and execute orders across multiple exchanges, optimizing your trades for maximum efficiency and minimal market impact.

Easy To Purchase

Our platform is designed to handle parallel buys and sells, allowing you to divest your digital assets simultaneously across multiple exchanges, reducing price slippage and increasing liquidity.

Robust Security

We employ state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption technologies, safeguarding your assets and personal information from potential threats and unauthorized access.

Global Connections

Our Anonymous Crypto OTC Market boasts an extensive network of global connections, bridging traders from around the world. We are committed to providing unparalleled access to liquidity, competitive pricing, and a diverse range of digital assets. By joining our platform, you become part of a thriving, global community that shares a passion for secure, discreet, and efficient crypto trading.

Comparison with other solutions

FlowTC sets itself apart from other anonymous crypto OTC markets by offering a unique combination of features and benefits designed to provide a superior trading experience for our clients.

FlowTC FalconX OtcTrade Kraken
Commission 3 % 5 % 8 % 10 %
Speed < 12 hours < 12 hours < 12 hours < 12 hours
KYC Not required Required Required Required
Minimum purchase size 10 K > 50 K > 50 K < 10 K
Decentralized exchanges' support

Meet our Core Team

Arman Stepanyan

Arman Stepanyan

CEO & Founder

Samvel Barseghyan

Samvel Barseghyan

CTO & CO-Founder

Perry Wolfe

Perry Wolfe


Frequently asked questions

An anonymous crypto OTC (over-the-counter) market is a platform that facilitates crypto-to-crypto transactions between buyers and sellers without revealing their identities. It allows for large-volume trades without affecting the market price by bypassing public exchanges and operating through a network of centralized and decentralized exchanges.
Anonymous crypto OTC markets utilize a combination of encryption, secure communication channels, and private order books to protect the identity of the participants involved in transactions. This ensures that the transaction details and the parties involved remain confidential.
The trustworthiness of an anonymous crypto OTC market depends on its reputation, security measures, and compliance with regulations. It is essential to conduct thorough research and choose a platform with a strong track record, robust security measures, and adherence to applicable laws and regulations. In FlowTC you don't need to provide us your funds. Using the most advanced cryptography techniques, we make sure that during the trades, noone has any access to your funds
FlowTC offers a competitive and flexible fee structure tailored to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our platform presents two distinct versions to cater to different trading preferences:
1. Flow Algo Trading System: With our cutting-edge algorithmic trading system, clients can enjoy reduced commissions ranging from 3% down to 1%, depending on the trade size. This enables users to optimize their trading strategies while minimizing costs.
2. FlowTC Escrow Service: For clients who prefer a more personalized approach, we provide a secure escrow service where buyers and sellers can engage in transactions with FlowTC acting as a trusted intermediary. In this scenario, we are open to discussing and customizing commission rates to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.
FlowTC supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as various altcoins and stablecoins. The platform continually adds new assets based on market demand and client requirements.
By operating through a network of centralized and decentralized exchanges and not disclosing large-volume trades to the public, anonymous crypto OTC markets can prevent price slippage. This ensures that large trades do not cause sudden price fluctuations and affect the overall market. FlowTC does all the purchases in a distributed way across multiple exchanges with slow minimal pruchases. Each of these purchases is not surpassing 20000USD